Workshop Abstracts and Presentations

Naval Hydrodynamics / Coastal / Offshore
A Numerical Study on Self-propulsion Simulations using OpenFOAM (Geon-Hong Kim) Abstract Presentation
Flow Resistance and Seakeeping Advanced Optimization of Ship Hull using HELYX-Ecomarine (Paolo Geremia) Abstract Presentation
A study of Computational Schemes for Six Degree-of-Freedom Motion of a Ship in Waves using OpenFOAM (Heebum Lee) Abstract Presentation
Use of OpenFOAM at Virgina Tech for AOE Discovery and Learning (Eric Paterson) Abstract
Decomposition Model for Naval Hydrodynamics: Recent Advances (Vuko Vukcevic) Abstract Presentation
Implementation of Higher Order Spectral method for nonlinear wave propagation in OpenFOAM (Inno Gatin) Abstract Presentation
Offshore Drilling Riser 2-D Drag Modelling (Lawrence Lai) Abstract Presentation
Turbulence Modeling / Sprays / Solid-Liquid Mixing
Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Channel Flow with OpenFOAM (Timofey Mukha) Abstract Presentation
OpenFOAM® as a development platform for enhanced hybrid RANS-LES approaches (Marian Fuchs) Abstract Presentation
Investigation of viscous solid-liquid mixing in agitated vessels using CFD-DEM: Model formulation and experimental validation (B. Blais) Abstract Presentation
Complex Materials
Using OpenFOAM to Aid the Design of Complex Profile Extrusion Dies (A. Rajkumar) Abstract Presentation
Flow Distribution in Bifurcations: the role of elasticity (Luis Ferrás) Abstract Presentation
Simulation of viscoelastic flows at high Weissenberg number using a generic numerical stabilization framework (Matthias Niethammer) Abstract Presentation
Influence of shear rate, temperature and pressure dependent material behavior of polymer materials on the production process (József Nagy) Abstract Presentation
Modelling Integral Viscoelastic Flows in OpenFOAM (M. S. B. Araujo) Abstract Presentation
Pre-Processing / Post-Processing / Meshing
Assessment of automatic mesh generation algorithm using snappyHexMesh 2.3 (Daniel Piaget) Abstract Presentation
Evolving HELYX-OS, the Open-Source Graphical User Interface for OpenFOAM® (Paolo Geremia) Abstract Presentation
Integration of ADIOS into OpenFOAM for handling Disk I/O (Karl Meredith) Abstract Presentation
Advances in anisotropic mesh generation with arbitrary polyhedra in cfMesh (Franjo Juretic) Abstract Presentation
Preparing SolidWorks Models for Use with SnappyHexMesh / Using the FEMAP NASTRAN FEA Pre-Processor to Prepare Meshes for OpenFOAM (Daniel Mather) Abstract Presentation
General CFD
The Simulation of Electromagnetic-Acoustic Wave Interaction in OpenFOAM (Dominic Piro) Abstract Presentation
Swirling pipe-flow for metrology applications: Validation of simulations with laser-Doppler velocimetry experiments (Denis F. Hinz) Abstract Presentation
Evaluation of the Mixing Plane technology: application for distributor-runner channel (Christophe Devals) Abstract Presentation
Geometric Immersed Boundaries (GIB): A New framework for applying boundary conditions in OpenFOAM® (Giorgos Karpouzas) Abstract Presentation
An integrated lattice Boltzmann and finite volume method for the simulation of viscoelastic fluid flows (Chao Li) Abstract Presentation
Numerical Model of Hydrodynamic Lubrication Process (Vanja Skuric) Abstract Presentation
Verification of OpenFoam Diffusion Operator in Different Geometries and Reconstruction Methods (Harold Noriega) Abstract Presentation
Emulating CFD in buildings to rapidly analyze human heat stress in future weather (Edward Shorthouse) Abstract Presentation
Improvements of the Interpolation and Non-Orthogonal Correction Schemes in Caelus (Chris Sideroff) Abstract Presentation
Lagrangian Methods
Aerosol Jet® material deposition behavior simulated with an OpenFOAM® Lagrangian solver (James Feng) Abstract Presentation
An Immersed Boundary Method in OpenFOAM® for Arbitrarily Shaped Lagrangian Bodies Taking Account of Contact Dynamics and Volumetrically Resolved Potential Forces (Markus Burger) Abstract Presentation
Dispersion of Fillers in Viscoelastic Polymer Matrices using Eulerian-Lagrangian Approaches (C. Fernandes) Abstract Presentation
Basic Implementation of Particle-Based Membrane Model for Membrane Deformation Analysis (Shinji Nakagawa) Abstract Presentation
Evaluation of the DPMFoam solver (Denis Semyonov) Abstract Presentation
Heat Transfer / Phase Change / Reacting Flows
DNS of Reactive Mass Transfer and Interfacial Surfactant Transport for Single Rising Bubbles (Holger Marschall) Abstract Presentation
Simulation of an ingot growth in the electron beam furnace (Alexey Matveichev) Abstract Presentation
Modeling Turbulent Combustion in a Rotary Kiln (Ali Kadar) Abstract Presentation
Simulating Shear Induced Platelet Aggregation with OpenFOAM (Rudolf Hellmuth) Abstract Presentation
GUI driven CHT solver UI for transformer – Combination of FEMM and OpenFOAM (Hyun Roh) Abstract Presentation
Fluid-Structure Interaction / Structural Analysis
Simulation of Fractures in OpenFOAM: From Adhesive Joints to Hydraulic Fractures (Philip Cardiff) Abstract Presentation
Numerical Simulation of Contact Angle Hysteresis with OpenFOAM® (Thomas Maurer) Abstract Presentation
Modeling and simulation of a gas-solid cyclone during an upset event (Arthur N’Dri Konan) Abstract Presentation
Predicting surface evolution in erosion processes with OpenFOAM® (Alejandro Lopez) Abstract Presentation
Verification and validation of thermocapillary flow instability in straight and deformed liquid bridges (Takuya Yamamoto) Abstract Presentation
Compressible Flows
Direct Simulation of Computational Aero-Acoustics (Eugene de Villiers) Abstract Presentation
Large eddy simulation of a high-pressure multi-jet combustor using flamelet modeling (Yihao Tang) Abstract Presentation
A solver for Magnetohydrodynamic Generation Channel Simulation (David Huckaby) Abstract Presentation
A framework for compressible hybrid RANS/LES simulations in topologically changing grids (Andrea Montorfano) Abstract Presentation
Coupled solver for modelling high-speed, compressible flow (Johan Heyns) Abstract Presentation
Engine and Pumps
NeuroPaSR, A New Combustion Model for Diesel-Engine (S. Kheradmand) Abstract Presentation
In-cylinder Turbulent Airflow Simulation of Internal Combustion Engine with Moving Boundary Technique in OpenFOAM (Tomoyuki Hosaka) Abstract Presentation
Optimization and Control
Shape Optimization with OpenFOAM (Charles Mader) Abstract Presentation
Optimization Process for Turbine Blade Application (Tessa Uroic) Abstract Presentation
Adjoint optimization for external aerodynamics (Giorgos Karpouzas) Abstract Presentation
Shape optimization of a hydrodynamic vortex separator (Shenan Grossberg) Abstract Presentation
An open-source framework for multi-physics simulations, design space exploration and optimization (Joel Guerrero) Abstract Presentation
Development of shape optimization tutorials for OpenFOAM (Russel Daines) Abstract Presentation
Winglet Design Optimization (Matthew Jones) Abstract Presentation
Meshing Considerations for Automotive Design Optimization (Travis Carrigan) Abstract Presentation
The MoDeNa multi-scale simulation software framework (Henrik Rusche) Abstract Presentation
A New approach to Actuator Surface Method for Helicopter Rotor Analysis (Taewoo Kim) Abstract Presentation
Numerical Study on Vortex Alleviation of Tip Chipped Wing using OpenFOAM (Nahyeon Roh) Abstract Presentation
Estimation of Aerodynamic Coefficients of Axisymmetric Projectiles from a Coupled Rigid Body Dynamics-CFD Solver (Adriaan Steenkamp) Abstract Presentation
Analysis of Supersonic, Reacting, Base Flow-fields for Axisymmetric Projectiles (Adriaan Steenkamp) Abstract Presentation
Aerodynamic Characteristics of Ahmed Body in Road Situations (R. Manimaran) Abstract Presentation
Free Surface and Multiphase Flows
Development of Phase Field Methods using OpenFOAM® – Part I: Method Development and Implementation (Holger Marschall) Abstract Presentation
Development of Phase Field Methods using OpenFOAM® Part II: Application to Complex Wetting Physics (Xuan Cai) Abstract Presentation
Implementation of a moving immersed boundary method on a dynamically refining mesh with automatic load balancing (Kyle Mooney) Abstract Presentation
A 3D Numerical Model of Two-Phase Flow and Sediment Transport (Vanja Skuric) Abstract Presentation
Droplet ejection from capillary nozzle (Duc Nguyen) Abstract Presentation
Block Coupled Solvers and Periodic Flows
Coupled Solver v2: on the robustness and performance improvements for incompressible and compressible flows (Luca Mangani) Abstract Presentation
Validation of Pressure-Velocity Coupled Solver on Racing Car Aerodynamics (Tessa Uroic) Abstract Presentation
Harmonic Balance Method for Unsteady Periodic Flows (Gregor Cvijetic) Abstract Presentation

Workshop Posters

Implementation of the Higher Order Spectral Method for Nonlinear Wave Propagation in FOAM for Freak Wave Simulations (Inno Gatin) Poster
Validation of Pressure-Velocity Coupled Solver on Racing Car Aerodynamics (Tessa Uroic) Poster
Optimisation of a Turbine Blade with Mesh Morphing (Tessa Uroic) Poster
Harmonic Balance Method for Unsteady Periodic Flows (Gregor Cvijetic) Poster
Numerical Model of Sediment Transport in Free Surface Flow (Vanja Skuric) Poster
Numerical Model of Hydrodynamic Lubrication (Vanja Skuric) Poster
Interface Jump Conditions: Eliminating Spurious Velocities in Free Surface Flows (Vuko Vukcevic) Poster