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In this particular session, questions/doubts about OpenFOAM® Technology will be answered/clarified by a group of experts.

All the OFW11 attendees will have the chance to ask questions about OpenFOAM®  Technology, which will be forwarded to a group of experts.

On the community day, the answers will be given in parallel sessions, in a similar organization to the training sessions.

The OFW11 Clinics Sessions contents will be announced in advance to allow the attendance of anyone interested.

Register at the 11th OpenFOAM® Workshop. You'll be contacted soon to place your questions/doubts.

Current list of OpenFOAM® Technology experts available for OFW11 Clinics:

- Andrew Jackson - Engys Ltd.
- Bernhard Gschaider - HFD Research GmbH
- Bruno Santos - blueCAPE Lda
- Håkan Nilsson - Chalmers University of Technology
- Hrvoje Jasak - Wikki/University of Zagreb
- Jens Höpken - Sourceflux UG
- Joel Guerrero - University of Genoa
- Luiz Fernando L. R. Silva - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
- Paolo Geremia - Engys Ltd.
- Philip Cardiff - University College Dublin
- Tomislav Maric - Sourceflux UG
- Željko Tuković - University of Zagreb



Contact us ( if you can be one of the OFW11 Clinics experts


Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF):

BoF sessions are informal meetings where the attendees group together, based on a shared interest, and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

Examples: Turbulence Modeling, Immersed Boundary, Meshing, Code Contribution


Special interest groups (SIG):

Informal group meetings to discuss a shared interest in a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to effect or to produce solutions within their particular field.

Examples: Wind Energy, Ship Hydro, Combustion, Turbomachinery, Documentation Project



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