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To boldly install OpenFOAM where no CFD-solver has been used before

OpenFOAM has been originally intended to be used on Unix-workstations. It is very portable on that kind of Operating System. Due to the rising popularity of OpenFOAM the need to port it to 'consumer operating systems' has arisen (partly because of the restrictions some companies have on which operating systems are used). Because of technical differences between these operating systems porting to these platforms is difficult, but has been done.

The main topic will be OpenFOAM on Windows and Mac OS X:

  • technical discussion of porting OF to these platforms
  • using OpenFOAM on these platforms (differences with normal UNIX-Workstations)

A related theme complex that will be discussed is the packaging and deployment of OpenFOAM: the current mode of installation of OpenFOAM is fine for a user that is also a developer, but some organisations have a policy how software is to be installed (using package managers etc) and a growing number of OpenFOAM-Users are application engineers, not software-developers.

Porting OpenFOAM to Windows and Mac OS X

Expanding OpenFOAM Development Community

  • Experience with establishing OpenFOAM Working Groups by Maryse Page, Hydro-Québec and Håkan Nilsson of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • How to Contribute to the OpenFOAM Project
  • Helping Newcomers to OpenFOAM: Open Intensive Training Courses by Wikki Ltd. hosted by OpenFOAM partners and open for public registration
  • User-Friendly OpenFOAM: Integrated System from Meshing to Post-Processing
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