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OpenFOAM Training Sessions

Two training sessions will be offered as a part of the Workshop. Content of the sessions will be derived from OpenFOAM training materials developed by Wikki Ltd. and will be delivered by Hrvoje Jasak. The number of available seats is limited; please bring your computer with a working OpenFOAM installation if possible.

Introduction to OpenFOAM

The frist training session, concentrating on basic layout and functionality of OpenFOAM libraries. It is targeted at researchers interested in a ready-to-use CFD package or novice researchers and developers. This is a combination of an OpenFOAM tutorial and basic guidelines on using the software as a pre-packaged Computational Continuum Mechanics solver.

Topics: Training Slides

  • OpenFOAM Software Structure and Capabilities
  • Running OpenFOAM Tutorials
  • Code and Case Organisation
  • Mesh Conversion, Pre- and Post-Processing
  • Running OpenFOAM in Parallel

Programming in OpenFOAM

The second session is targeted at users with some OpenFOAM experience who aim to modify and enhance existing library capabilities and use the software in their own research. It coverst development-related topics, including basic library functionality, compiling OpenFOAM executables and libraries and basic concepts behind foundation classes.

Topics: Training Slides

  • Organise Your Work With OpenFOAM
  • Create Your Own OpenFOAM Executable
  • Code Walk-Through: Solver and Utility
  • Simple Data Manipulation, input/output
  • Five Most Important Classes and Their Interaction
  • Using Advanced Post-Processing: Data Manipulation and On-the-Fly Tools
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