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An overview of the OpenFOAM applications and recent developments for automotive CFD will be provided in this session, held by Dr. Gianluca D'Errico and Dr. Montenegro from the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano. The attention will be mainly focused on the following themes:

- Car aerodynamics: wind-tunnel simulations of high-performance cars and motorbikes. Contributions in this field are encouraged by the session organizers considering the growing interest of the OpenFOAM user community for this subject.

- In-cylinder flow modeling: gas exchange phase simulation, mesh motion, combustion modeling for SI, Diesel and HCCI engines

- Fundamental studies on combustion and spray: constant-volume spray and combustion simulations

- CFD modeling of engine components: steady-state flow bench simulations of engine cylinder head, intake and exhaust systems

- 1D-3D coupling: thermofluid-dynamic simulation of the whole engine system, by means of 1D and 3D elements

- CFD modeling of the exhaust after-treatment system

- Others: heat exchange, lubrication, climate control

For more information, please contact the session organizer e-mail.

Draft Program

  • T. Lucchini, G. Montenegro, D. Ettorre, G. D'Errico (Politecnico di Milano): Developments in OpenFOAM for internal combustion engine simulation: : Diesel and GDI combustion, 1D-3D coupling, silencer modeling Download abstract
  • F. Piscaglia, A. Montorfano, A. Onorati (Politecnico di Milano), Diesel particulate filter modeling Download abstract
  • B. Gschaider (ICE GmbH), C. Hossfeld, M. Pfennig (EMCON Technologies), Simulation of metal foam as an innovative substrate for catalytic application and partial soot filter Download abstract
  • L. Gasparini, M. Polli, D. Paganelli (Fondmetal Technologies), Improved k-w Turbulence Model and Application to the Computation of Flows on Simplified Car Bodies Download abstract
  • Möller, Suzzi (ViF), Meile, Brenn (Graz University of Technology), Investigation of the flow around the Ahmed body using RANS and URANS turbulence models Download abstract
  • M. Rehm, P. Seifert, B. Meyer (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Towards a CFD Model for Industrial Scale Gasification Processes Download abstract
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