LES and hybrid LES/RANS models

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Gavin Tabor will plan a LES session at the third OpenFOAM Workshop. We are grateful for your suggestions!

Draft program

  • G.R.Tabor, M.H. Baba-Ahmadi (University of Exeter), Inlet conditions for LES Download abstract
  • J. Turnow, H. Kroeger, N. Kornev, S. Isaev, E. Hassel (University of Rostock), Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex Formation in a Channel with a Spherical Dimple Download abstract
  • Gian Marco Bianchi (University of Bologna), Simulation of internal combustion engine non-reactive flows in fixed grids Download abstract
  • H. Kröger, N. Kornev, E. Hassel (Universität Rostock), Implementation of Combustion Models for Large Eddy Simulation Download abstract

For more information, please contact the session organizer Email.

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