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Dr Andrew Jackson, ICON CG Ltd., will plan a session on mesh handling and generation in OpenFOAM.

Draft Program

For more information, please contact the session organizer Email.

  • E. de Villiers, A. Jackson (ICON), M. Janssens (OpenCFD Ltd), Automatic Parallel Hex, Split Hex Mesh Generation on Complex Geometries in OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • D. Baldwin, Combined use of Blender and OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • C. Sideroff (Pointwise), Solid Modeling and Fault Tolerant Meshing - Strategies for Dealing with Faulty CAD Download abstract
  • * S. Menon, D. Schmidt, J. Rothstein (University of Massachusetts), Z. Tukovic (University of Zagreb), Implementation of Mesh Topology Modifications for Accurate Interface Tracking in OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • F. Bos (Delft University of Technology), Moving and deforming meshes for flapping flight at low Reynolds numbers Download abstract
  • H. Jasak (Wikki), Automatic mesh generation Download abstract
  • B. Fabritius, J. Klostermann, Ch. Brücker, R. Schwarze (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Handling non-uniform mesh deformation with OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • M. Spel, V. Rivola (R.Tech), Various Grid Generation Solutions for OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • G.R. Tabor, P.G. Young (The University of Exeter), H.Jasak (Wikki), Image-based Mesh Generation Download abstract
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