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One day OpenFOAM training course

9.00-10.30: OpenFOAM structure:

  • organization of the installation: central library or user account
  • libraries, solvers, utilities
  • file organizations: headers, implementation, include files and templates
  • Download training presentation

10.30-10.45: coffee break

10.45-12.00: Applications and case setup:

  • standard applications
  • file organization and control of the run
  • setting up initial fields and boundary conditions
  • choice of discretisation: convection, diffusion, time derivative, sources and sinks, gradient calculation
  • pre-processing in FoamX, mesh conversion, case setup by hand
  • Download training presentation

12.00-13.30: lunch

13.30-15.30: Programming and customization:

15.30-15.45: coffee break

15.45-17.00: Post-processing and advance running options:

  • graphical post-processing: paraFoam
  • data manipulation
  • handling statistics, probes and time-traces
  • running OpenFOAM on parallel computers: domain decomposition and reconstruction
  • Download training presentation
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