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Maryse Page, Martin Beaudoin and Håkan Nilsson are responsible for the turbomachinery session at the third OpenFOAM Workshop.

We have set up a case-study for the turbomachinery session, and we would like to encourage everyone to use that case-study to demonstrate and validate their new implementations, or their use of available features of OpenFOAM. The case study is located in the Sig Turbomachinery pages in the OpenFOAM Wiki. See further information here.

Draft program

  • H. Nilsson (Chalmers) and M. Page (IREQ, Hydro Quebec), OpenFOAM Turbo Workgroup, progress report and descriptions of the ERCOFTAC conical diffuser case-study Download abstract
  • M. Page (IREQ, Hydro Quebec), Case-0 studies Download abstract
  • O. Bounous and H. Nilsson (Chalmers), Case-1 studies of different solvers, discretization schemes and turbulence models. Studies of a new case, with a dump after the diffuser Download abstract
  • O. Petit and H. Nilsson (Chalmers), Studies of the sliding grid interface and multiple reference frames in the ERCOFTAC conical diffuser Download abstract
  • C. Duprat and O. Metais (MoST, LEGI), Modelisation of a high Reynolds number swirling conical diffuser using LES Download abstract
  • Blaim, O. Borm, T. Fröbel, H.P. Kau (Technische Universität München), Implementation of Rotor-Stator Interfaces in OpenFOAM Download abstract
  • Beaudoin (IREQ, Hydro Quebec), H. Jasak (Wikki Ltd.), Adaptation of the General Grid Interface (GGI) for Turbomachinery simulations with OpenFOAM Download abstract
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