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Third OpenFOAM Workshop

Workshop Announcement

The Internal Combustion Engine Group of Politecnico di Milano announces the Third OpenFOAM Workshop to be held in Milan, Italy 10-11 July 2008.

The flexibility, efficiency and capabilities of OpenFOAM make it a powerful CFD tool to perform fundamental studies and industrial investigations of complex physical processes. The event intends to bring together developers and users of OpenFOAM, to promote collaborative activities, exchange information and share experiences in similar areas of interest.

The Workshop is split into thematic sessions, to help participants stay up-to-date by providing indications of emerging and developing ideas in each research area. Additional technical talks will be promoted on the use of OpenFOAM, including advanced programming and code customization.

For the benefit of new users and people interested in knowing the OpenFOAM code, a one-day Training Course will be provided the day before the Workshop (the 9th of July 2008).

You can access at all the documentation relative to the first two workshops at the following links:

First OpenFOAM Workshop

Second OpenFOAM Workshop

Workshop Sessions


organized by Gianluca D'Errico and Gianluca Montenegro, Politecnico di Milano

  • T. Lucchini, G. Montenegro, D. Ettorre, G. D'Errico (Politecnico di Milano): Developments in OpenFOAM for internal combustion engine simulation: : Diesel and GDI combustion, 1D-3D coupling, silencer modeling Download presentation
  • F. Piscaglia, A. Montorfano, A. Onorati (Politecnico di Milano), Diesel particulate filter modeling Download presentation
  • B. Gschaider (ICE GmbH), C. Hossfeld, M. Pfennig (EMCON Technologies), Simulation of metal foam as an innovative substrate for catalytic application and partial soot filter Download presentation
  • L. Gasparini, M. Polli, D. Paganelli (Fondmetal Technologies), Improved k-w Turbulence Model and Application to the Computation of Flows on Simplified Car Bodies Download presentation
  • Möller, Suzzi (ViF), Meile, Brenn (Graz University of Technology), Investigation of the flow around the Ahmed body using RANS and URANS turbulence models Download presentation
  • M. Rehm, P. Seifert, B. Meyer (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Towards a CFD Model for Industrial Scale Gasification Processes Download presentation


organized by Maryse Page, Martin Beaudoin, Hydro-Québec, and Håkan Nilsson, Chalmers University of Technology

  • M. Page (IREQ, Hydro-Québec) and H. Nilsson (Chalmers), OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group: Progress report Download presentation
  • M. Page (IREQ, Hydro-Québec), H. Nilsson, O. Petit and O. Bounous (Chalmers), OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group: ERCOFTAC conical diffuser case-studies Download presentation
  • C. Duprat and O. Metais (MoST, LEGI), Modelisation of a high Reynolds number swirling conical diffuser using LES Download presentation
  • L. Mangani, C. Bianchini (University of Florence), External and internal heat transfer in turbomachinery applications Download presentation
  • Blaim, O. Borm, T. Fröbel, H.P. Kau (Technische Universität München), Implementation of Rotor-Stator Interfaces in OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • Beaudoin (IREQ, Hydro Quebec), H. Jasak (Wikki Ltd.), Adaptation of the General Grid Interface (GGI) for Turbomachinery simulations with OpenFOAM Download presentation

Mesh handling and generation

organized by Andrew Jackson, ICON

  • E. de Villiers, A. Jackson (ICON), M. Janssens (OpenCFD Ltd), Automatic Parallel Hex, Split Hex Mesh Generation on Complex Geometries in OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • D. Baldwin, Combined use of Blender and OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • C. Sideroff (Pointwise), Solid Modeling and Fault Tolerant Meshing - Strategies for Dealing with Faulty CAD Download presentation
  • S. Menon, D. Schmidt, J. Rothstein (University of Massachusetts), Z. Tukovic (University of Zagreb), Implementation of Mesh Topology Modifications for Accurate Interface Tracking in OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • F. Bos (Delft University of Technology), Moving and deforming meshes for flapping flight at low Reynolds numbers Download presentation
  • H. Jasak (Wikki), Automatic mesh generation Download presentation
  • B. Fabritius, J. Klostermann, Ch. Brücker, R. Schwarze (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Handling non-uniform mesh deformation with OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • M. Spel, V. Rivola (R.Tech), Various Grid Generation Solutions for OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • G.R. Tabor, P.G. Young (The University of Exeter), H.Jasak (Wikki), Image-based Mesh Generation Download presentation

Heat transfer and fluid structure interaction

organized by Alojz Ivankovic, University College Dublin, and Zeljko Tukovic, University of Zagreb

  • A. Ivankovic, Ashkan Safari (University College Dublin), Z. Tukovic (University of Zagreb), Numerical modeling of fluid: biofilm interaction
  • Cerutti, L. Mangani, D. Nannicini (University of Florence), Radiative and combustion modeling for turbomachinery applications Download presentation
  • T. Gallinger, A. Michalski, A. Kupzok, R. Wuchner, U. Bletzinger (Technical University of Munich), Coupled Simulation of Light-Weight Membrane Structures subject to Wind Loading
  • V. Kanyanta, N. Quinn, A. Ivankovic, A. Karac (University College Dublin), Fluid-Structure Interaction in Bioengineering Download presentation
  • S. Kelly, M. O’Rourke (University College Dublin), Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations on a Patient Based AAA Geometry

LES and hybrid LES/RANS models

organized by Gavin Tabor, The University of Exeter

  • G.R.Tabor, M.H. Baba-Ahmadi (University of Exeter), Inlet conditions for LES Download presentation
  • J. Turnow, H. Kroeger, N. Kornev, S. Isaev, E. Hassel (University of Rostock), Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex Formation in a Channel with a Spherical Dimple Download presentation
  • G. M. Bianchi (University of Bologna), Simulation of internal combustion engine non-reactive flows in fixed grids Download presentation
  • H. Kröger, N. Kornev, E. Hassel (Universität Rostock), Implementation of Combustion Models for Large Eddy Simulation Download presentation

Multiphase and Free-Surface Flows

organized by Eric Paterson, The Pennsylvania State University

  • Eric Paterson (The Pennsylvania State University), Multiphase and Free-Surface Flow Simulations Download presentation
  • F. Franzoni, M. Milani, L. Montorsi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Cavitation and Fluid Mixing in a Multi-Fuel Injection System Download presentation
  • K. Maki (University of Michigan), Simulation of Floating Bodies in Waves using VOF RANS and Dynamic Meshing
  • S. Kim (Naval Surface Warfare Center), Modeling of Turbulent Cavitating Flows
  • M. Page,S. Houde (Hydro-Québec Institut de recherche), Modeling of the flow in surge chamber with OpenFOAM

Other topics and advanced developments

organized by Hrvoje Jasak, University of Zagreb and Wikki Ltd

  • H. Jasak (Wikki), Developments of advanced applications in OpenFOAM Download presentation
  • G. Romanelli, E. Serioli, P. Mantegazza (Politecnico di Milano), An accurate inviscid compressible solver for aerodynamic applications Download presentation
  • J. Krauß, Ö. Ertunç, A. Delgado (Uni Erlangen), Trials of implementation of Automatic Differentiation in OpenFOAM and a new proposal Download presentation
  • G. Boiger (Ice-SF), Large particle modelling in realistic filtration fibre geometries Download presentation
  • Z. Saldi, S. Kenjeres, C. Kleijn (Delft University of Technology), Numerical Simulations of Interfacial Flows in Magnetic Fields Download presentation
  • E. Mas de les Valls, L. Batet (Technical University of Catalonia), OpenFOAM capabilities for magnetohydrodynamic simulation under nuclear fusion technology conditions Download presentation
  • W. Mattheus, J. Klostermann, M. Triep, Ch. Brücker and R. Schwarze (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Numerical Simulations of the 3 dimensional flow in a model of the human glottis Download presentation
  • M. Beaudoin (IREQ, Hydro Quebec), B. Gschaider (ICE Strömungsforschung GmbH), The OpenFOAM-extend project on SourceForge: current status Download presentation

All abstracts are available in each session page.

Poster sessions

  • J.L.C. Santos, V. Geraldes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), S. Velizarov, J.G. Crespo (Instituto Superior Técnico), Investigation of Flow and Concentration Patterns in Membrane Modules with Ladder-type Spacers
  • T. Sencic, V. Medica, O. Bukovac (University of Rijeka), Simulation of Soot and NOx formation in Large Marine Engines
  • J. N. E. Carniero, V. Kaufmann, W. Polifke (TU-Munchen), Development of a CFD-based Moments Model for Polydispersed Multiphase Flows

Download the Final Agenda.

Technical Exhibition

An open space within the campus will be made available to participants who would like to organize a small exhibition stand to provide additional technical information (e-mail).

Training Sessions

For the benefit of new OpenFOAM users, basic Training Sessions will be provided the day before the Workshop (the 9th of July 2008). Training will be structured to demonstrate library capabilities in complex physics and go through basic steps of OpenFOAM use and customization. The training course is co-organized by Politecnico di Milano and Chalmers University of Technology. The training registration fee is €150, payable in advance.

Deadlines and Registration

All attendees must register before the 15th of June 2008. The workshop registration fee is €250, payable in advance.

Early registration is welcome to allow a better organization of the event.

[ Download the Registration Form].


Full-length presentations or poster format talks on the use of OpenFOAM and particularly on creative library use in non-traditional areas are invited. Final contributions should consist of a short abstract and presentation slides, which will be collated on Conference Web pages (and in CD-ROM format) and made freely available to attendees. The deadline for final contribution is June 30, 2008.

Presentations demonstrating contributions to the Sig Turbomachinery Wiki and the OpenFOAM-extend repository are strongly welcome. The Organization encourages everyone to set up case-studies for each session to demonstrate and validate new implementations.


The workshop will be held in the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.

The training course will be held in the L09 room which is equipped with A/C plug on each seat.

The workshop will be held in the L01 room.

A Wi-fi access will be provided to the participants within the Campus.

A limited number of rooms has been reserved in a hotel near the Bovisa campus at a preferential participant rate.

This event is sponsored by the Italian Section of SAE, SAE Naples Image:logoSAE.jpg

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