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Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop, June 1-4 2009, Montreal, Canada

Advanced Basic Training Outline

This is a preliminary outline of the advanced training on 1st of June 2009 in conjunction with the fourth OpenFOAM workshop in Montreal:

  • Overview of OpenFOAM structure
  • Five basic classes in detail:
    Space and Time
    Computational Mesh
    Field Variable
    Matrix and Linear System
    Discretisation Method
  • Hands-on session: Development of turbulence model
    Equation analysis
    Turbulence modelling hierarchy
    Model implementation and numerics
    Model constants
    Boundary conditions
    Near-wall treatment, wall distance calculation, low-Re and wall functions
    Parallelisation, profiling and validation
  • Dynamic mesh features:
    Automatic mesh motion
    Topological changes
    Dynamic mesh classes
    General Grid Interface (GGI) and its variants
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