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Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop, June 1-4 2009, Montreal, Canada

Preliminary Basic Training Outline

This is a preliminary outline of the basic training on 1st of June 2009 in conjunction with the fourth OpenFOAM workshop in Montreal:

  • Installation from:
    (Participants who want to follow the training on their own laptop must make sure to have a working OpenFOAM installation, or make sure that the distributed Live-DVD/USB works on their laptop before the training)
  • Directory and file structure, and Linux environment
  • Pre-compiled solvers, utilities, and the test-directory
  • Pre-configured solver and utility tutorials
  • A thorough march through the icoFoam cavity tutorial
  • How to learn more from Allrun scripts and dictionary files
  • File structure of applications and libraries, and compilation
  • Basics of C++ for OpenFOAM
  • High-level coding in OpenFOAM:
    How to add an application
    How to add a turbulence model
    How to add a boundary condition
    How to add a functionObject
    Alternative ways of linking with new libraries
  • The global controlDict file - debugging and run-control
  • Post-processing with: paraFoam, sample, probes, foamLog, foamCalc, and Gnuplot
  • Advanced usage - parallel processing, multi-physics, ...
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