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Following the success of the first four OpenFOAM workshops, the 5th OpenFOAM Workshop will take place June 21-24, 2010, at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

More informations will be provided shortly. Contact:

Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop, June 1-4 2009, Montreal, Canada

Workshop Announcement

On behalf of the OpenFOAM® Workshop Committee, the Montreal local committee would like to invite you to attend the Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop, which will be held in Montreal, Canada on June 1-4 2009.

The flexibility, efficiency and capabilities of OpenFOAM make it a powerful CFD tool to perform fundamental studies and industrial investigations of complex physical processes. This event intends to bring together developers and users of OpenFOAM, to promote collaborative activities, exchange information and share experiences in similar areas of interest.

Technical sessions, plenary sessions and poster seesions will be held on June 2nd and June 3rd. June 4th will be dedicated to collaborative work. It will be encouraged through working group activities, BoF sessions, clinics and plenary sessions.

For the benefit of new users and people interested in knowing the OpenFOAM simulation platform, a Basic Training will be organized on June 1st. For more advanced users, an Advanced Training will also be organized on June 1st.


Workshop Program for June 1-4

Workshop Venue and travel information

Registration will start at 8AM on June 1st for the trainings, at 8AM on June 2nd for the workshop.

Technical sessions

June 2nd and 3rd will be dedicated to technical sessions. A first version of the preliminary program with the accepted abstracts is provided.

Working group activities

June 4th will be dedicated to working group activities. Starting and new working groups are encouraged to use this special day to meet.

The Turbomachinery WG will meet during the Workshop. The results of the work on the ERCOFTAC centrifugal pump testcase will be presented. More information will be available on the Turbomachinery WG web page.

The Teaching WG will meet during the Workshop. More information will be available on the Teaching WG web page.

The Ship Hydro WG will meet during the Workshop. More information will be available on the Ship Hydro WG web page.

The Turbulence WG will meet during the Workshop. More information will be available on the Turbulence WG web page.


On June 4th, for the benefit of experienced OpenFOAM users, a half-day supervision of advanced use and development of OpenFOAM will be provided, at Polytechnique Montreal. 10 groups (6 people each) will be formed based on the registration texts submitted by the participants (100 words). It is envisaged that each group works on the problems brought in by the participants. The groups shall try to tackle these problems mostly on their own; competent tutors will be available to help or guide the solution process.

It is therefore essential to bring your own laptop with OpenFOAM installed and running. At the end of the day, each group will be asked to present the outcome in a plenum at the end of the day.


  • Participants in the clinic must submit a 100 word description of the problem they want to work on.

Clinics will be organized by Dr. Henrik Rusche (Wikki Ltd.).

BoF sessions

On June 4th, Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions will be set to stimulate discussions on various topics.

Training sessions

Training at basic and advanced levels will be provided on June 1st:

  • Basic Training: For the benefit of new OpenFOAM users, a full-day basic Training Session will be provided, at Polytechnique Montreal. The training will go through the basic steps of how to install, use and customize OpenFOAM, and demonstrate the capabilities of the OpenFOAM libraries for simulation of complex physics. See also the preliminary basic training outline. Bring your own laptop with OpenFOAM installed, or a DVD/USB reader, if you want to follow the tutorials. The number of seats is limited to 150, and the minimum number of participants is 20.
  • Advanced Training: For the benefit of experienced OpenFOAM users, a full-day advanced Training Session will be provided, at Polytechnique Montreal. The training will cover advanced topics covering both the use of OpenFOAM in complex physics scenarios and development of new features. The main topics include a higher level overview of the library, hands-on development of a turbulence model, code parallelisation examples and use of dynamic mesh features (motion and topological changes). For details see the preliminary advanced training outline. In order to be able to follow the training, a good knowledge of and working experience with OpenFOAM is required. Bring your own laptop with OpenFOAM-1.5-dev installed and running, or a DVD/USB reader. The number of seats is limited to 50, and the minimum number of participants is 20.

Registration fees (Training):

  • Basic training: $150CAD
  • Advanced training: $150CAD

The registration fee is to be payed the same way as the workshop fee. The registration deadline is the same as workshop registration deadline: Registration

The registration fee includes:

  • Training material
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • Live-DVD/USB with OpenFOAM Training material
  • Permanently installed power outlets at each seat (110V-60hz AC)


  • The basic training is co-organized by Dr. Tommaso Lucchini (Politecnico di Milano) and Dr. Håkan Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology). Dr. Nilsson is the coordinator.
  • The advanced training is organized by Prof. Hrvoje Jasak (Wikki Ltd.).

This is a non-profit activity event.

Call for contributions

Attendees are invited to contribute full-length presentations or poster format talks on the application of OpenFOAM in Computational Continuum Mechanics and particularly on creative library usage in non-traditional areas. Contributions should consist of a long abstract (2 pages max) and presentation slides or poster in Adobe PDF format. The contributions will be published on the Workshop Web site and on CD-ROM (USB), which will be made freely available to the attendees.

Important dates
March 1st Short abstract submissions
March 31st Notification for selected abstracts for slides/posters
May 1st Registration deadline (Training and Workshop)
May 15th Contributions of slides/posters and long abstracts


The Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop will be held at École Polytechnique Montréal, located on the campus of Université de Montréal. The workshop fee for June 2-4 includes coffee breaks, lunchs, a cocktail reception and a dinner banquet. A reduced fee is proposed that excludes the banquet. This workshop will be a non-profit event; any remaining money will be used to fund community-oriented activities (tutorials, documentation, etc).

Registration fees (before May 1st) for June 2-4 (Workshop):

  • Regular fee: $350CAD (includes dinner banquet)
  • Reduced fee: $250CAD (excludes dinner banquet)
  • Dinner banquet ticket: $ 100CAD



Travel information (including Workshop Venue)

Please note that the 11th ISGG Conference on Numerical Grid Generation will be held on May 25-28 at Polytechnique Montreal (

Organizing committee

The organization of the Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop follows in the footsteps of the first three successful OpenFOAM Workshops. The OpenFOAM Workshop Committee was formed in September 2008 to discuss the development and the evolution of these events. The committee can be reached by sending an e-mail to: committee(at)

The Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop is hosted by Hydro-Québec (Institut de recherche) and École Polytechnique Montréal. The members of the Montreal local committee are Maryse Page, Martin Beaudoin and Francois Guibault. The Montreal local committee can be reached at OFW4(at)

Please note:

  • OPENFOAM® is a registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd.
  • This event is not affiliated with OpenCFD Ltd.

You can access at all the documentation relative to the first three workshops at the following links:

Third OpenFOAM Workshop, Milan, July 9-11, 2008.

Second OpenFOAM Workshop, Zagreb, June 7-9, 2007.

First OpenFOAM Workshop, Zagreb, January 26-28, 2006.

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