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Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop, June 1-4 2009, Montreal, Canada

June 1:

8h00 - 9h00 : Registration

Basic / Advanced trainings

9h00 - 17h00

June 2:

8h00 - 9h00 : Registration

9h00 - 17h40

17h40 - 19h00 : Cocktail reception

Feature presentation

  • H, Jasak (Wikki Ltd), OpenFOAM: A Year in Review.

Automotive and combustion

Hosted by Gianluca D'Errico (Politecnico di Milano)

  • T. Lucchini, Gi. D'Errico, F. Piscaglia, D. Ettorre and A. Montorfano (Politecnico di Milano), Development of OpenFOAM for the simulation of the combustion process and the exhaust-after treatment system in Diesel Engines.
  • L. Gagnon, M.J. Richard and B. Levesque (Universite Laval), Using OpenFOAM to Model Energy Taken from the Swirl behind a Car.
  • C.H. Beck and W. Krebs (Siemens AG), Evaluation of OpenFOAM for unsteady simulations of gas turbine combustion systems.
  • Y. Wang, P. Chatterjee and S. Dorofeev (FM Global), Large Eddy Simulation of Thermal and Fire Plumes Based on OpenFOAM Toolbox.
  • A. Jackson (ICON), Development and validation in an automotive production environment.


Turbulence modelling

Hosted by Gavin Tabor (University of Exeter)

  • H. Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology), The Dellenback Abrupt Expansion OpenFOAM Case-Study, and the kOmegaSSTF turbulence model.
  • M. Meldi and G. Cantore (Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia), LES quality assessment in predicting ICE flows.
  • P.B. Vincent, G. Dumas (Universite Laval) and S. Houde (Hydro-Quebec), Detached Eddy Simulation of Swirling Flow in a Hydroturbine Draft Tube using OpenFOAM.
  • J. Sumner and C. Masson (Ecole de technologie superieure), Improving the k-epsilon turbulence model for simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow.
  • D.S. Jarman (Hydro International plc), G. Tabor (University of Exeter), M.G. Faram(Hydro International plc) and D. Butler (University of Exeter), A comparison of RANS turbulence models in the prediction of confined turbulent swirling flows in urban drainage flow controls.


Hosted by Hakan Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology)

  • O. Petit, H. Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology), M. Page and M. Beaudoin (Hydro-Quebec), The ERCOFTAC centrifugal pump OpenFOAM case-study.
  • F. Champet and E. Parkinson (Andritz Hydro Ltd), Flow Computation and Quantitative Analysis of Pelton Distributors.
  • H. Herenger (High Performance Computing Systems Stuttgart), Implementation of a Virtual Turbine - Towards interactive design of hydraulic turbomachinery.
  • M. Auvinen (Helsinki University of Technology), Flow Analysis of a Single-Blade Pump with OpenFOAM.

Cocktail reception

June 3:

9h30 - 17h30

19h00 - 22h00 : Banquet

Feature presentation

  • B. Gschaider (ICE Stromungsforschung), pyFoam - Happy foaming with Python.

Mesh handling and generation

Hosted by Hrvoje Jasak (Wikki Ltd.)

  • H. Jasak (Wikki Ltd) and M. Beaudoin (Hydro-Quebec), General Grid Interface: Numerical Basis, Implementation and Validation.
  • C. Dear, J.P. Steinbrenner (Pointwise) and J.P. Abelanet (Basis Software), Anisotropic Mesh Generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • S. Menon and D.P. Schmidt (University of Massachusetts), Adaptive Tetrahedral Remeshing for Multiphase Flow Simulations in OpenFOAM.
  • Z. Tukovic and H. Jasak (University of Zagreb), Simulation of thin liquid film flow using OpenFOAM finite area method.
  • R. Smith (Symscape), SymLab: An Interactive Simulation Environment for OpenFOAM.


Multiphase flow, Heat and Mass transfer

Hosted by Henrik Rusche (Wikki Ltd.)

  • H. Rusche (Wikki Ltd), Metallurgical process simulations using OpenFOAM.
  • N.I. Drobyshevskii and R.V. Mukin (Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Modeling of aerosol deposition using the diffusion-inertia model in OpenFOAM.
  • B. Selma, R. Bannari and P. Proulx (Universite de Sherbrooke), Direct Quadrature Method of Moments (DQMOM) and Classes Method (CM) for bubble size distribution.
  • R. Bannari, B. Selma, A. Bannari and P. Proulx (Universite de Sherbrooke), Design and CFD analysis of mass transfer and distributions of shear stresses in Airlift reactor.
  • R. Bannari, A. Bannari, B. Selma and P. Proulx (Universite de Sherbrooke), A Coupled CFD-Kinetic Models for Cellulase Production in Airlif Reactor.

Ship hydrodynamics and Fluid-structure interaction

Hosted by Eric Paterson (Pennsylvania State University)

  • E. Paterson and K. Smith (Pennsylvania State University), Simulation of Wakes, Wave Impact Loads, and Seakeeping using OpenFOAM.
  • K.J. Maki and W.J. Rosemurgy (University of Michigan), Thin-Ship Theory of Wave Resistance on Finite-Volume Grids.
  • S. McIntyre and M. Kinzel (Pennsylvania State University), A Comparison of Interface-Capturing Schemes for Real-World Applications.
  • M. Olivier and G. Dumas (Universite Laval), Non-Linear Aeroelasticity for Nano-Air-Vehicles Applications Using OpenFOAM.

Dinner banquet

June 4:

9h00 - 17h15

Feature presentation

  • B. Gschaider (ICE Stromungsforschung) amd M. Beaudoin (Hydro-Quebec), OpenFOAM-extend on

Working group meetings / Clinic


BoF sessions

Plenary session

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