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Some information about Sweden and Gothenburg at the time of the workshop:

  • 19th of June the crown princess Victoria will get married in Stockholm:
  • 21st of June is the longest day of the year, and in the Gothenburg region you will experience only four hours of darkness during night.
  • 25th of June is Midsummer Eve in Sweden. This is a national holiday with lots of traditional celebrations. One of the largest celebrations in the Gothenburg region will take place at Nääs slott:
  • The water power station Olidan in Trollhättan, 75km from Gothenburg celebrates 100 years of production (still going strong!). Tours are organized daily, see: On saturdays at 3pm, 300.000 liters of water per second are released over the cliffs in the gorge of the old Göta River.
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