6th OpenFOAM Workshop

13-16 June 2011




Parking (see google map)

University Park Airport (IATA Code: SCE; FAA Code: UNV) is served by Delta/Northwest, United Airlines, and U.S. Airways.  For those of you who are private pilots, it also has a General Aviation terminal.

The airport is approximately 3-5 miles to hotels, which is a 10-minute taxi ride ($15).

Driving times from nearby International Airports

Harrisburg Airport:  1:48 hours

Pittsburgh Airport:  3:15 hours

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport:  3:19 hours

Philadelphia Airport:  3:29 hours

Washington Dulles Airport:  3:52 hours

John F. Kennedy Airport (NYC):  4:30 hours

For Monday’s OpenFOAM-Workshop Training Sessions, the classes will be held on the West Side of the PSU Campus.  It is recommended that participants park in the White Course Drive parking lot.  Note:  all classes will be within walking distance of near-campus hotels.

For Tuesday-Wednesday, the workshop will be held in the HUB.  Since this is central to campus, it is recommended that you walk from your hotel if possible.  If you need to drive, there is a parking ramp at the HUB that can be used (~$10/day).

For Thursday’s SIG and BOF Sessions, we will return to the West Side of the PSU Campus, and you can use the White Course Drive parking lot.

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