6th OpenFOAM Workshop

13-16 June 2011


Alumni Hall

The Technical Sessions (Tue & Wed) will be held in Alumni Hall and Heritage Hall of the Hetzel Union Building (HUB) - Robeson Center which is at the center of the PSU Campus.  Check-in will occur at the entrance to Alumni Hall.



The Training Sessions (Mon) will be held in the IST and EES Buildings, which are on the west side of the PSU Campus.   Check-in, breakfast, and lunch will be at the IST building.

The SIG and BOF sessions (Thu) will be held in the EES Building and the Leonhard Building.   Breakfast and lunch will be near the EES building (possibly outside).

Internet Access: All participants (except for PSU faculty/staff/students) will be provided 4 Visitor Wireless Prepaid Coupons, which are good for 24-hours.    A map of Wireless Locations on the PSU University Park Campus can be downloaded here.   This service covers both the EES and HUB buildings.  

EES Building

Leonhard building

EES Building

IST Building