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Jeju also offers a very flexible entry/departure policy, which allows visitors to stay without a visa for up to 30 days when visitors enter into Jeju directly from abroadnot through Incheon or Gimpo airport.
If visitors transit at Incheon or Gimpo, they need a visa clearance according to their nationalities.

Visa-free Entry to Jeju: 180 Countries
(Only 11 countries are required to apply for a visa: Afghanistan, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya,
Nigeria, Macedonia, Palestine, Sudan, and Syria)
There are numerous daily flights between Jeju and 10 different cities in Japan, China, Taiwan and the Philippines.
The number of routes is expected to increase.

Country : City (Flights per week) (As of January 2008)
1) Japan : Nagoya (10), Tokyo (14), Osaka (14), Fukuoka (12)
2) China : Beijing (14), Shanghai (58), Shenyang (6)
3) Taiwan : Taipei (84) and Kaohsiung (14)
4) Philippines : Manila (4)
Visitors from countries without direct flights may easily travel to Jeju through major airports such as those in Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, and Shanghai.
Incheon International Airport is the gateway to Korea. It is served by 67 international airlines from 51 countries.
Passengers can either transfer to a direct flight to Jeju from Incheon, or move to Gimpo Airport and transfer to a domestic
flight from there.
It is a one hour-flight from Incheon or Gimpo to Jeju, and more than 90 flights operate daily.
The Jeju aviation council recently decided to increase the number of flights between Incheon and Jeju.
To get to Gimpo Airport from Incheon, visitors must take a shuttle bus or high-speed rail.
It takes approximately 30 minutes, and shuttle buses run every 5 minutes.