Program > Invited speakers
No. Presentation Type Title Author Organization Country
1 Keynote Multi-Phenomena Computational Fluid Dynamics and Its Industrial Applications Nahmkeon Hur Sogang University Korea
2 Keynote Multi-dimensional Limiting Strategy for Higher-order Schemes in Compressible Flows Chongam Kim Seoul National University Korea
1 Training My first OpenFOAM tutorials Hyun Seok Roh NextFOAM Co., Ltd. Korea
2 Training Mesh generation using snappyHexMesh
My first OpenFOAM tutorials
Gwangho Oh NextFOAM Co., Ltd. Korea
3 Training Post processing using paraView
My first OpenFOAM tutorials
Byoung Yun Kim NextFOAM Co., Ltd. Korea
4 Training Make my solver
My first OpenFOAM tutorials
Sunho Park NextFOAM Co., Ltd. Korea
5 Training Application of OpenFOAM to Prediction of Hull Resistance Sang Bong LEE Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Korea
6 Training Applications in Hydraulics Van Thinh Nguyen Seoul National University Korea
7 Training A Concise Introduction to Pre-Processing,
Meshing, and Running OpenFOAM® Cases with HELYX-OSTM
Daniel P Combest,
Andrew Jackson,
Eugene de Villiers
Engys Italy
8 Training Advanced Preprocessing and Meshing with snappyHexMesh Daniel P Combest,
Andrew Jackson,
Eugene de Villiers
Engys USA
9 Training Turbomachinery Håkan Nilsson Chalmers Univ. of Technology Sweden
10 Training How to implement simple acoustic analogy in OpenFOAM Sergei Strizhak, Matvey Kraposhin Bauman Moscow State University, Kurchatov institute Russia
11 Training swak4Foam - Gentle introduction and new developments Bernhard Gschaider ICE Strömungsforschung Gmbh Austria
12 Training pyFoam -Productive use of OpenFOAM from the command line Bernhard Gschaider ICE Strömungsforschung Gmbh Austria
13 Training Five Basic Classes in OpenFOAM Hrvoje Jasak Wikki Ltd. UK
14 Training Titel TBD Hrvoje Jasak Wikki Ltd. UK
15 Training How to add a transport equation to scalarTransportFoam Henrik Rusche Wikki GmbH Germany
16 Training Create a DES (Detached-Eddy
Simulation) turbulence model from the kOmegaSST RANS model
Dominik Christ Wikki Ltd. UK