Workshop presentations

Block Coupled Solvers
OFW09.0105 pUCoupledFoam - an open source coupled incompressible pressure-velocity solver based on foam-exted (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Klas Jareteg*, Vuko Vukcevic, Hrvoje Jasak
OFW09.0037 Incompressible Block Coupled Solver Validation and Performance Profiling (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Eugene De Villiers*, Thomas Schumacher
OFW09.0051 A Coupled Turbulent Compressible Solver for External and Internal Aerodynamics (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Luca Mangani*, Marwan Darwish
OFW09.0104 A Block-Coupled Finite Volume Methodology for Linear Elasticity (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Philip Cardiff*, Zeljko Tukovic, Hrvoje Jasak, Alojz Ivankovic
OFW09.0052 A Coupled Free-Surface Solver (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Marwan Darwish*, Luca Mangani, Fadl Moukalled
Civil Engineering
OFW09.0057 Numerical flow modeling in hydraulic control structures with OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Maryse Page*, Jeremie Gaucher
OFW09.0089 Understanding the flow profile in a hydrodynamic vortex separator: a comparison between experimental data and simulation results (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Shenan Grossberg*, Daniel Jarman, Gavin Tabor
OFW09.0091 Full scale CFD modeling of the Mont Blanc tunnel ventilation system (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Elia Agnani*, Diego Angeli, Ivan Spisso, Paolo Levoni, Maurizio Cipollone
OFW09.0058 Raindrop Impact on Saturated Soil (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Mohsen Cheraghi*, David Andrew Barry
OFW09.0087 Implementation and validation of an actuator line class for wind and tidal turbines (EXT. ABSTRACT)
William Hunter*, Takafumi Nishino, Richard H. J. Willden
Complex Materials
OFW09.0066 Using OpenFOAM to Aid the Design of Extrusion Dies for Thermoplastics Profiles (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
J.miguel Nobrega*, A. Rajkumar, Célio Fernandes, Luis Ferrás, F. Habla, O. Hinrichsen, J. Guerrero, O. Carneiro
OFW09.0018 Continuum Mechanics Simulations of Nonlinear Deformation of Viscoplastic Solids (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Heliana Cárdenas*, Thomas Voigtmann
OFW09.0074 A numerical stabilization framework for viscoelastic fluid flow using the finite volume method on arbitrary unstructured meshes (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Matthias Niethammer*
OFW09.0063 A Systematic Study on the Dispersion Levels in Polymer Nanocomposites (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Luis Ferrás*, J.miguel Nobrega, José Covas
Compressible Flows
OFW09.0020 Modelling high-speed flow using a matrix-free coupled solver (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Johan Heyns*, Oliver Oxtoby, Adriaan Steenkamp
OFW09.0007 Implementation of an explicit density-based solver for the simulation of cavitating flows in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Christian Deimel*, Romuald Skoda
OFW09.0001 The Thrust Calculation of Propulsion Systems using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Anuar Kagenov*, Anatoliy Glazunov, Ivan Eremin
OFW09.0041 Comparison of Various Convective Schemes for study of Performance of Scramjet Inlet (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Sathyanarayanan Chandramouli*, Ramesh Kolluru, Sandeep Murthy, Srikanth Chowdadenahalli Sathyanarayana, Sandeep Shridhar
OFW09.0123 Coupled Density-Based Solver for High-Speed Compressible Flows (PRESENTATION)
Henrik Rusche, Hrvoje Jasak, Karlo Šunjo*
Disperse Multiphase Flows
OFW09.0053 Simulation of Multivariate Polydisperse Multiphase Flow in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Luiz Fernando Lopes Rodrigues Silva*, Jovani Favero, Fábio Santos, Paulo Lage
OFW09.0017 Towards Modelling of Mineral Flotation implemented in OpenFOAM(R) (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Gerhard Holzinger*
OFW09.0044 The DQMoM for the adaptive characterization method of continuous components in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Livia Jatoba*, Paulo Lage, Luiz Fernando Lopes Rodrigues Silva
OFW09.0079 Extension of the standard k-ε-turbulence model for two-phase flows (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Melanie Volz*, Jens Keller, Fabian Eiberger, Peter Habisreuther, Nikolaos Zarzalis
Fluid-Structure Interaction and Structural analysis
OFW09.0014 Nonlinear Solid Mechanics in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Philip Cardiff*, Zeljko Tukovic, Aleksandar Karac, Alojz Ivankovic
OFW09.0021 Fluid-Structure Interaction with reduced FE-models in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Uwe Fechter*, Uwe Janoske, Volker Kassera, Rene Thümmler
OFW09.0103 OpenFOAM Library for Fluid Structure Interaction (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Zeljko Tukovic*, Philip Cardiff, Aleksandar Karac, Hrvoje Jasak, Alojz Ivankovic
OFW09.0040 Multi-level coupling algorithm for the partitioned simulation of strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
David Blom*, Alexander Van Zuijlen, Hester Bijl
OFW09.0060 Modeling of a vibration-driven robot motion in a viscous fluid (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Artem Nuriev*, Olga Zakharova
Free Surface Flows
OFW09.0076 Development of Phase Field Methods for Direct Numerical Simulation of Wetting Processes with OpenFOAM® (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Xuan Cai*, Holger Marschall, Martin Wörner, Dieter Bothe, Olaf Deutschmann
OFW09.0088 Performance evaluation of existing and new VoF simulation techniques: solving, interface treatment, and dynamic meshes. (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Kyle Mooney*, Jacques Papper, Tyler Voskuilen
OFW09.0024 Aerosol-jet material deposition behavior simulated with the “interFoam” VOF solver (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
James Feng*
Fuel Cells
OFW09.0071 Numerical evaluation of micro-structural parameters for metal-supported SOFC (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Bernhard Gschaider*, Georg Reiss
OFW09.0094 An OpenFoam solver for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (HT-PEFC) (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Qing Cao*, Stephanie Keuler, Sohyeon Lee, Dieter Froning, Uwe Reimer, Steven Beale, Werner Lehnert
OFW09.0101 Coupled Pore Network and Continuum Modelling for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (EXT. ABSTRACT)
J.g. Pharoah*, Robert Nishida
OFW09.0093 OpenFOAM, a promising tool for simulation of PEM fuel cells (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Jiatang Wang*, Jinliang Yuan, Bengt Sundén
General CFD, Immersed Boundary and Level Set
OFW09.0098 Finite volume immersed boundary method for turbulent flow simulations (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Hrvoje Jasak*, Damir Rigler, Zeljko Tukovic
OFW09.0061 A Hybrid Level Set / Front Tracking Method on Unstructured Meshes (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Tomislav Maric*, Holger Marschall, Dieter Bothe
OFW09.0062 Immersed boundary method for flow with rigid moving boundaries (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Shanggui Cai*
OFW09.0077 Verification of OpenFoam Solvers in Different Geometries and Reconstruction Methods (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Harold Noriega*, Paul Labbe, Robert Magnan, Francois Guibault
OFW09.0120 Development of Live Stock Airborne Virus Spread Warning System Based on Weather Forecast using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Hyun Roh*, Inbok Lee, Kyuhong Kim, Yonggyu Han
Heat and Mass Transfer 1
OFW09.0034 An OpenFOAM solver of a heat transfer equation for a memory-dependent nonlocal continuum (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Andrey Popov*
OFW09.0059 Heat Transfer Augmentation in a Straight Channel via Two Oscillating Circular Cylinders (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Mohsen Cheraghi*, Mehrdad Raisee, David Andrew Barry
OFW09.0008 Heat exchanger performance predictions (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Zoltan Hernadi*, Gergely Kristof
OFW09.0092 Heat exchangers with longitudinal fins for recuperative burners: a combined approach to design involving OpenFOAM and optimization algorithms (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Elia Agnani, Marco Cavazzuti*, Mauro A. Corticelli
Heat and Mass Transfer 2
OFW09.0070 Simulation of low Temperature Helium Releases with OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Bernhard Linseisen*
OFW09.0082 Multi-threaded radiation calculation (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Fabian Eiberger*, Jens Keller, Melanie Volz, Peter Habisreuther, Nikolaos Zarzalis, Fabio Turrini
OFW09.0096 Radiation Modeling in foam-extend (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Dominik Christ*, Hrvoje Jasak
OFW09.0042 Critical Evaluation of Multi-Component Diffusion Models for Simulation of MOVPE Reactor (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Mustafa Yusufi*, Ivana Buntic-Ogor, Andreas Dörfler, Jan Bassen, Alfred Kersch
Lagrangian Methods
OFW09.0022 Investigation of Metallic Vapor Condensation in a Vacuum Interrupter using dsmcFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Kai Hencken*
OFW09.0084 On the Rheology of Filled Polymeric Systems using CFD-DEM Modelling (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Célio Fernandes*, Luis Ferrás, Oliver Pozzo, J.miguel Nobrega
OFW09.0012 Comparison of Jet Impingement Test CFD modeling using Ansys Fluent® and OpenFOAM® (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Alejandro Lopez*, Matthew Stickland, William Dempster, William Nicholls
Naval Hydrodynamics / Coastal / Offshore 1
OFW09.0086 Dynamic interface compression method for high speed surface craft (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Heebum Lee*, Sunho Park, Shin Hyung Rhee
OFW09.0015 An integrated FVM simulation for ocean wave-seabed-structure interaction using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Tian Tang*, Björn Johannesson, Johan Roenby
OFW09.0095 Rapid Free Surface Simulation for Steady-State Hull Resistance with FVM using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Hrvoje Jasak*, Vuko Vukcevic, Dominik Christ
OFW09.0050 ECOMARINE: an innovative fast solver for ship hull optimization (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Paolo Geremia*
OFW09.0027 Development of a Body Force Propulsor, based on precalculated Data (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Jens Höpken*
Naval Hydrodynamics / Coastal / Offshore 2
OFW09.0099 Finite Volume Implementation of Swense Method (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Vuko Vukcevic*, Hrvoje Jasak
OFW09.0117 Update on the development of an OpenFOAM-based Cyber Wind Facility (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Eric Paterson*, James Brasseur, Rob Campbell, Brent Craven, Alex Dunbar, Balaji Jayaram, Pankaj Jha, Adam Lavely, Javier Motta, Tarak Nandi, Sven Schmitz, Ganesh Vijayakumar, Di Zhang
OFW09.0102 Application of OpenFOAM to Prediction of Ship Performances (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Sang Bong Lee*
OFW09.0097 Simulation of Wave Loading on Static O shore Structures (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Inno Gatin*, Vuko Vukcevic, Hrvoje Jasak
OFW09.0075 Generating and Absorbing Water Waves at the Boundaries: Static vs Dynamic Mesh Approach. (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Pablo Higuera*, Javier L. Lara, Inigo J. Losada
OFW09.0056 Multiphysics simulations of Light Water Reactors using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Klas Jareteg*
OFW09.0002 A Hierarchical Multi-scale Approach to Modelling Heat Conduction in Prismatic HTGRs using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Ivor Clifford*, Kostadin Ivanov, Maria Avramova
OFW09.0011 Coupling of OpenFOAM with Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation Code ATHLET (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Joachim Herb*
OFW09.0023 Development plans and first steps for a multi-physics platform for nuclear reactor analysis (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Carlo Fiorina*, Ivor Clifford, Manuele Aufiero, Konstantin Mikityuk
Optimisation and Control
OFW09.0100 Multi-Objective Optimisation of a Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Henrik Rusche, Vanja Skuric*, Tessa Uroic
OFW09.0055 Implementation of Process Control Strategies in OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Luiz Fernando Lopes Rodrigues Silva*, Laíssa Zanoni, Natália Nogueira, Jovani Favero
OFW09.0035 Industrial application of an adjoint level-set based optimization method (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Giorgos Karpouzas*, Eugene De Villiers
OFW09.0038 Design of a continuous bioreactor via multiobjective optimization coupled with CFD modeling (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Jonas Ansoni*, Paulo Seleghim Jr.
Phase Change
OFW09.0032 Growing 1000kg heavy silicon crystals in the computer using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Jan Seebeck*, Thomas Jung, Jochen Friedrich
OFW09.0026 Prediction of Cavitation Erosion using functionObjects (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Andreas Peters*, Udo Lantermann, Bettar El Moctar
OFW09.0067 Numerical Simulation of Flow Soldering Process in Electronics Manufacturing (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Shinji Nakagawa*, Kazunori Inagaki, Tomoyuki Hatakeyama, Koichi Ishikura, Katsuhiro Koizumi
OFW09.0003 3D simulation of electron beam melting (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Alexey Matveichev*, Alain Jardy
OFW09.0013 Models for Prediction of Turbulent Cavitation Flow in Diesel Injectors (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Baris Bicer*, Akira Sou
Porous Media
OFW09.0031 A porous multiphase flow toolbox for OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Pierre Horgue*, Cyprien Soulaine, Jacques Franc, Romain Guibert, Gerald Debenest
OFW09.0006 Local permeability directions for porous media (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
József Nagy*, Michael Fischlschweiger, Lorenz Reith, Georg Steinbichler
OFW09.0030 A solver for free-surface flow in heterogeneous porous media (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Oliver Oxtoby*, Johan Heyns
OFW09.0106 Simulating liquid resin injection of fiber composites (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Daniel Gaudlitz*, Stefan Bachschuster
Pre-processing, Post-processing, Meshing and User Environments
OFW09.0049 What’s new in HELYX-OS, the Open Source GUI for OpenFOAM® (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Paolo Geremia*
OFW09.0048 cfMesh - A novel library for automatic mesh generation (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Franjo Juretic*
OFW09.0045 Open-Source Meshing in 2014 (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Oliver Gloth*, Bernhard Höpperger
OFW09.0005 How grid quality affects solution accuracy (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
John Rhoads*, Travis Carrigan
Reacting Flows 1
OFW09.0010 Transport properties sensitivity in reactive flows (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Tibor Höltzl*, Zoltan Hernadi
OFW09.0054 A solver for turbulent, non-premixed flames based on the Eddy Dissipation Concept (EXT. ABSTRACT)
Mohammad Rafi Malik, Alessandro Parente, Francesco Contino, Alberto Cuoci*
OFW09.0080 Application of OpenFoam to simulate steady combusting flow in industrial furnaces (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Gunhong Kim*, Kyungtaek Oh, Changhwan Kim, Deok-Hong Kang
OFW09.0009 Comparison of different constitutive models in simulation of viscoelastic flow past a circular cylinder (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Xu Shadow*
Reacting Flows 2
OFW09.0036 Application of OpenFOAM for Rocket Design (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Marco Invigorito*, Daniele Cardillo, Giuliano Ranuzzi
OFW09.0029 Toward the Development of a Multi-dimensional Internal Ballistics Simulation Toolbox in OpenFOAM® (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Adriaan Steenkamp*, Oliver Oxtoby, Johan Heyns
OFW09.0090 biomassGasificationFoam for symulation of pyrolysis and gasification of thermally thick wood particles (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Kamil Kwiatkowski*, Pawel Zuk
Sprays and Injection
OFW09.0016 Large-Eddy Simulation of Coaxial LN2/GH2-Injection at Supercritical Pressure (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Hagen Müller*, Michael Pfitzner
OFW09.0033 Implementation of a Spray-Patch Interaction Model including Hot Wall Behavior (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Gianluca Montenegro*, Lorenzo Nocivelli, John Campbell, Nicola Rapetto, Panayotis Dimopoulos
OFW09.0078 Implementation of a new injection model in OpenFOAM(R) for an aero engine injector (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Jens Keller*, Melanie Volz, Fabian Eiberger, Mulubrhan Gebretsadik, Peter Habisreuther, Fabio Turrini, Nikolaos Zarzalis
OFW09.0073 Large Eddy Simulation modelling of liquid injection based on ELSA framework (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Julien Reveillon*, Nicolas Hecht, Julien Reveillon, F.x. Demoulin
OFW09.0046 Taking the mixingPlane interface for a ride... (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Håkan Nilsson*, Martin Beaudoin, Robert Magnan, Maryse Page
OFW09.0085 CFD simulation of a Sliding Vane Expander for Low Temperature ORC with Real Gas Effect (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Gianluca Montenegro*, Augsto Della Torre, Angelo Onorati
OFW09.0019 Numerical Investigation of Flows in Axial and Radial Fans Using OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Aleksandar Ćoćić*, Heiko Ratter, Milan Lečić, Martin Gabi
OFW09.0069 Assessment of mesh characteristics for hydraulic component CFD simulations with OpenFOAM (EXT. ABSTRACT | PRESENTATION)
Christophe Devals*, Ying Zhang, Thi Vu, Francois Guibault