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How to reach Guimarães

Guimarães is located approximately 50 km from Porto, the country's second largest city, and circa 350 km from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

The Porto International Airport (OPO) has regular flights to the main international cities by several flag companies as well as low cost ones.

...from PORTO


- By bus from Porto aiport (recommended): there is a regular coach service between Porto Airport and the Guimarães bus station. The journey takes about 50 min. and has no stops. Further information about the schedule and prices can be found here. To ensure seat availability it is advisable to buy the ticket on-line  

By train from Porto airport: take the subway from Porto Airport to Campanhã Railway Station: 40 minutes (direct journey, line E, check the metro map). Cost of 1,8€ for a single journey (+0,5€ for a reusable card). At Campanhã follow the signs to railway station and get the train to Guimarães (see next).

By train from Porto: There are regular train services between "São Bento" and "Campanhã" Railway stations and Guimarães (schedule here.). The journey to Guimarães takes circa 75 minutes, and the average cost is 3€ for a commuter train (+0,5€ for a reusable card). There are also intercity services by a price of nearly 12€. Pay attention to the schedule as these trains are less frequent on weekends.

By car from Porto Airport:  circa of 40 minutes by Highway.

By taxi from Porto Airport: 40 minutes, cost 60 to 80€


...from LISBON

From Lisbon airport take the subway to Oriente (cost 1,25 € for a single journey + 0,50 €  for a reusable card - more info here). Otherwise take bus number 705 or Aerobus number 2 to "Estação Oriente". There you can take a train (see next).

By train: You can catch trains at "Santa Apolónia" or "Oriente" railway stations. There is one single direct train from Lisbon to Guimarães per day, but there is roughly one train per hour to Porto - Campanhã (schedule here). At Porto – Campanhã you can find a connection to Guimarães (schedule here). Pay attention to the schedule as these trains are less frequent on weekends. The total journey time is around four hours, and the minimum price of the ticket (which includes a reservation of seat - limited places) is 22,50€.

By car from Lisbon Airport: circa of 4 hours by Highway.



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