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Guimarães is a town with a glorious historical past, whose history is linked to the founding of Portugal’s national identity and to the Portuguese language in the 12th century.

The historical centre in the area that was within the Guimarães city walls, associated with the formation and identity of Portugal. It was classified a World Heritage site based on the originality and authenticity applied in its restoration.

For a moment you might imagine yourself in a mediaeval setting that gives Guimarães its unique atmosphere.

Guimarães was the European Capital of Culture in 2012 and the European City of Sport in 2013. 


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The Vila Flor Cultural Centre

The 11th OpenFOAM® Workshop will be organized at the Vila Flor Cultural Centre, which is located in the city centre of Guimarães.

The Cultural Centre incorporates the 18th century Vila Flor Palace and brings together the rich history of a manor house, its magnificent gardens and lovely architecture, evoking the ideas of ancestral memories with touches of modernity. The theatre wing is a totally new design building added on to hold all types of cultural events and one where all resources are optimized in order to provide the highest quality facilities and spaces which guarantee that a wide range of events can be successfully hosted.

Equipped with two auditoriums, four conference rooms, an exhibition area of 1,000m2, a restaurant, café-concerto, car park and gardens, the Vila Flor Cultural Centre has brought about a strengthening and broadening of the cultural and socio-economical profile of the city of Guimarães as well as its surrounding area, offering unique facilities for the organizing and holding of events of many kinds. 

Mini-documentary about the Vila Flor Cultural Centre


More information about the Vila Flor Cultural Centre:



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